About Us

PT. Emerald Seaweed Indonesia was established in 2015 with a focus on producing and marketing high quality Hydrocollid products.

Currently PT Emerald Seaweed Indonesia is located in Pasuruan - East Java, with a land area of 2.1 hectares and a production capacity of 100 tons. This will increase along with market needs, and supported by high tech machines and competent workers, PT Emerald Seaweed Indonesia is able to produce quality agar powder products.


Creating natural hydrocolloid products as a business to improve humanity and preserve the environment


Develop sustainable business with hydrocolloid products that are designed with benefits, high quality, natural, and affordable prices that have benefits for future generations and pay attention to enviromental impacts

Core Value

Our culture and work habits truly lead the tearm in maximum effort to achieve the Company's vision and mission, where we apply positive values in every step of our business:


Customer demands for our products and their feedback encourage strength for our growth and development


For us, integrity implies honesty and transparency in our business processes and the highest level of ethical behavior and professional action in customer service


Producing consistenly high quality products. Build a "win-win" situation with all parties involved


We believe that our responsibility as members of the community is to create value in society through improving health, education and environmental care


We are committed to creating a work culture that fosters trust in organizations, respects individuals and values diversity in organizations

Agar Powder Product

Agar agar is made from seaweed which is specially processed to obtain its extract, referred to as agar-agar. Agar can be formed into variuous shapes, as powder or gelatin sheets and has a chewy texture. This material can be used in varius ways, such as food ingredient or can be used as mixture in the food industry, medical and so on.


Jl. Raya Nongkojajar KM 1,4 Cowek, Purwodadi Pasuruan, East Jawa - Indonesia

Email : sales@emeraldseaweed.co.id

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