Agar Powder

Mostly, agar is used by the food industry in the form of jelly, ice, cream, canned food (meat and fish), bread (bakery), candies, sweet, and jams. In the bakery industry, agar is used as a chocolate and donut coating. This is to prevent dehydration of cake products. For the production of sweets, agar acts as a thickener and gelling agent. Meanwhile, in yoghurt products, it is used to keep the consistency of the product. Another usage of agar is in the making of sausages. Besides being able to reduce fat and cholesterol, agar is also often used as a thickener or stabilizer in canned foods.

When dissolved in hot water and cooled, gelatin will form a soft solid with many pores creating a chewy texture.

Agar-agar is widely known in Asia as a healthy food because it contains high fiber and low calories. Besides being used as food, agar is also widely used in laboratories, growth medium forplat tissue culture and microbial culture.


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